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Elite London EscortsConnaisseur London Escort Agency has been long established and is offering a selection of genuine Elite London Escorts able to meet you in London or travel in various international cities (except France and Italy). As we are a French management agency, therefore we can answer your call in french or english if needed of course!

My name is Sabrina and when I started Connaisseur London Escort agency years ago, I kept in mind since the beginning that I wanted my clients to become regulars! First of all, it makes the whole escort introduction more personal and enjoyable, most of all it helps me find the right Escort girl London for you!  Therefore to be able to do so, I needed to provide a very different Escort service London based on trust and absolute discretion.
The internet has changed many parameters as I used to show the photo album of our London Escorts in person. I find nowadays the internet useful of course but very impersonal, especially for something so intimate ! That’s why I prefer to talk to you to find exactly the right person for you.

                                                              ‘Word of Mouth’ has been key to our success for over 20 years selecting the best escorts in London

So are we the right London Escort agency for you?    well..

London escorts– If you are looking for a reliable, genuine Elite London Escorts Agency describing our London escorts exactly the way they are and you wish to be happily surprised when the Escort turns up at your door.. Then, YES.. we are the right London Escort Agency for you !

-If you are looking to hide your Identity to the London Escorts you meet in London therefore to avoid any issues that could interfere with your private life..
Then, YES.. We are the right London Escort Agency for you..

-But if you are looking for dating an Escort girl London through an Agency and wish to get an arrangement directly with her, then we would prefer you call somewhere else.They are different websites for that..
At ‘Connaisseur London escort Agency‘ we have values and like mutual respect! Our exclusive London escorts go through our Escort Service London to keep confidentiality as they wish to protect their privacy. Our escorts are handpicked and we meet each one personally; we genuinely are looking for girls who give a ‘girlfriend experience ‘ and wish to keep secret this side of their life!

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With over 20 years of experience, at Connaisseur London escort agency, we know how to select the Best Elite London Escorts to satisfy our discerning clientele. We always try to find someone that would match you personality-wise and looks-wise.

London Escorts and Pictures

As you probably noticed, we choose not to display the pictures of our exquisite Elite London Escorts or any other international citiesThe beautiful sexy ladies we select are all extremely discreet and consequently refuse to be seen all over the internet..

We completely respect and understand their choice. Another reason for not displaying any London escorts pictures is that so many London escort agencies display ‘photoshopped’ pictures that most of the time don’t look like the girls at all !  Even ‘selfies’ are nowadays photoshopped too !
So we prefer to help you choose the right beautiful and friendly London Escorts for you by talking to you.. We know, by experience, when we organise our interviews how to select the best international or escort girl London. As you become a regular client, you will have access to the VIP gallery where you can view the pictures of our ladies.Username and password will be given to you then with pleasure!

Escort Service London:   Connaisseur Elite London Escorts

When you become a ‘regular’ client, you will have access to our Elite London Escorts gallery where you will be able to view the genuine photos of our Escorts in London, Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona and some other international cities. Except France and Italy. A password is being changed regularly to assure complete discretion for our London Escorts.

If you are a first time caller, we can arrange to come to your hotel to show you the photo Album of our Elite London Escorts and our international ladies living either in Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona or other major cities . You are also welcome to come to our office in South Kensington . We understand that you might not trust us straight away!
A fee of £50 will be required to avoid time wasters when we will come to the hotel.
Please always allow some notice for us to offer you this special Escort service London..

 Selecting a top Escort girl London

Escort Service London

At ‘Connaisseur London Escort Agency’ we meet each escort girl personally .Therefore we can ensure you that each lady has the Charm, Beauty, Elegance and right girlfriend attitude to join our team of Elite London Escorts . Consequently, we are extremely confident about the quality of the Escort service London we offer.

We do not pretend to have dozens and dozens of girls because we believe it is important to keep in mind Quality rather than Quantity.. Our clients usually enjoy meeting the same escort girl London more than once therefore both feel actually even more comfortable with each other on a second meeting !

As it is the time for Blogs and News, we are preparing articles that could be entertaining or interesting for you..
Please you can always make suggestions to us by Email..

Enjoy our site and our beautiful, Elite London escorts..
Speak to you soon,

Sabrina x`

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