Escort in London

Escort in London

We have met hundreds of girls through the years of having the Agency and we have therefore met all sorts of ‘characters’ !
Many girls think they are ‘Elite’ just because they bought some famous brand handbags and sunglasses..
Some think only of meeting rich men and pretending they are ‘in love’..and hoping this man will eventually buy them a flat..or a car.. or a handbag.. or a watch..or the other way round !
Others would accept anything for money and a few are very ‘choosy’ with men they meet.
Many are ‘party girls’ and unfortunately don’t always think further than the next few days coming!

We have also met girls with ‘natural’ class.. no fuss..educated, elegant.. girls who want to become an escort in London and make a bit of extra money to pay their study or create their own business but
are looking to meet nice, respectful gentlemen..

So many pretend they are ‘Elite escorts’ but are actually not ‘Elite’ at all..
It needs a bit of experience to see through these girls’ personality and finally find these ‘rare pearls’ !
The ones who really enjoy ‘having fun’ and can have a decent conversation as well !

Overall it has been a very enriching experience and it still is ! We met many lovely girls !
Some have left the agency, got married or went back to their country .
Some have given us some news and some have completely disappeared..

We got attached to many of them.. we stayed friends with a few of them..
Others have betrayed us and left a bitter souvenir..

But it is still fun to search for the nicest Escort in London..

Independent Escort or Model Escorts London Agency

independent escort london

Independent Escort London – Model Escorts London Agency


How to choose?

It really depends what you are looking for..

An independent escort London is looking for someone to take care of her on a monthly basis or eventually meeting for a booking where she deals her fees directly depending on the time spent with you.
-So may find a nice, genuine girl  if you are lucky but you will probably spend a lot of time searching like on London backpage escorts.meeting different girls until you find the right one eventually.. and when you wish to meet someone else again, you will have to do the research all over again!! hard work !
-Or.. you might find someone with a boyfriend, having different issues and who can eventually take you for a ride ..pretending to be ‘ in love’… Well if you offer good arrangements, for sure she will keep seing you on a regular basis..

When you call a Model Escorts London Agency..

We do the research for time wasting..

Calling a Model Escorts London Agency is pretty straight forward..Some ladies who wish to join an Agency prefer to remain private and know what the meeting is all about. No tricks or pretending to be ‘in love’.
But at Connaisseur Agency, we like to match refined gentlemen to only the best escorts !
For example, our London Escort Agency Connaisseur chooses the Escorts very carefully, ensuring  they are single, over 18, without any issues like drugs or alcohol..  Some escort agencies prefer ‘Party girls’..
Well..we don’t..
Each Connaisseur Model Escorts London is responsible, well mannered, beautiful, sexy and friendly.. Our reputation for the last 20 years brought many return bookings.

Model escorts London                    Connaisseur Escorts

The most important is to find the right agency for you, they will match you with the right escort girl London, you will waste no time and you have discretion guaranteed..

So now…how to choose the right London escort agency  !!  Well, since the internet started, it makes it difficult for a client to know which escort agency is telling the truth..

I, personally think the best way is to call us and get ‘a feel’ to make your choice and find the best model
 escorts London Agency for you !

Sabrina x


Connaisseur Escorts in London and Internet

Connaisseur Escorts in London and Internet


We have created Connaisseur Agency Escorts in London many years ago..
Much before the Internet existed !
I personally used to show the Photo album of our London escorts to our new clients where all pictures were roll film pictures. It seems so far away .It is like we have nearly forgotten all that..

In Call escorts London  –  Ebony escort London

Of course, we enjoy the numeric technology nowadays and all its possibilities..It is great when you are searching for a specific type of girl such as Caucasian, Indian or Ebony escort London.
It also allows escort agencies to give you a choice of different locations where you can find in call escorts London !

But I find that it allows some misleading infos as the internet is full of ‘photoshopped’ pictures where the escort girls all look the same, with the same body, long legs( too long in proportion actually!! ) lol..

Many claim to have no ‘fake’ pictures.. well..true.. they are real pictures most of the time BUT so retouched that you feel you meet a different person when the escort arrives at your door..

Therefore I have decided not to display any pictures of our beautiful Escorts in London as you don’t know who is genuine or not. I prefer to talk to you first on the phone and get to know  what you are looking for !

Escorts in London

Wether you are looking for a young or mature escort..Tall or petite..
Busty or not busty..Caucasian or an Ebony escort London, in calls or outcalls, I will always find the best person for you!

I enjoy that ‘personal touch’ ..

This is so important for me to be able to talk to you rather than arranging a meeting through an email!!

I wouldn’t do it anyway.. Sabrina x