Escort in London

Escort in London

We have met hundreds of girls through the years of having the Agency and we have therefore met all sorts of ‘characters’ !
Many girls think they are ‘Elite’ just because they bought some famous brand handbags and sunglasses..
Some think only of meeting rich men and pretending they are ‘in love’..and hoping this man will eventually buy them a flat..or a car.. or a handbag.. or a watch..or the other way round !
Others would accept anything for money and a few are very ‘choosy’ with men they meet.
Many are ‘party girls’ and unfortunately don’t always think further than the next few days coming!

We have also met girls with ‘natural’ class.. no fuss..educated, elegant.. girls who want to become an escort in London and make a bit of extra money to pay their study or create their own business but
are looking to meet nice, respectful gentlemen..

So many pretend they are ‘Elite escorts’ but are actually not ‘Elite’ at all..
It needs a bit of experience to see through these girls’ personality and finally find these ‘rare pearls’ !
The ones who really enjoy ‘having fun’ and can have a decent conversation as well !

Overall it has been a very enriching experience and it still is ! We met many lovely girls !
Some have left the agency, got married or went back to their country .
Some have given us some news and some have completely disappeared..

We got attached to many of them.. we stayed friends with a few of them..
Others have betrayed us and left a bitter souvenir..

But it is still fun to search for the nicest Escort in London..