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Over 20 years ago, we have created ‘ Connaisseur’ offering absolute Discretion and complete Trust to become one of the most reliable Elite London Escort Agency. The name for the Agency has been chosen as we are a french management and it would be ‘Connoisseur’ in english!

With years of experience, we have learnt a lot about the  beautiful Elite escorts in London and therefore being able to choose the best girls to satisfy our regular discerning clientele. Our reputation and ‘Word of Mouth’ has proven our professionalism and honesty among clients but also ladies in London and internationally…

Beautiful Elite Escorts in London

My name is Sabrina and I will be happy to answer your questions over the phone about the type of girls we have therefore helping you to arrange a pleasant and fun meeting with one of them( or two?)…
I want you to spend a quality time and enjoy this special moment wether it is your first time calling or a repeat experience!

Our VIP Escort models London Agency offers a personalised service to find the ‘right’ lady for you to match what you are looking for ‘look-wise’ and ‘personality -wise’… It is very important and our regular clients like to listen to our suggestions.
Pictures can be misleading and anyway the VIP Escorts we select in London are exclusive and do not wish to have pictures published on the internet! You can have access to the VIP Gallery when you become a regular client.


VIP escorts LondonWe handpick only Elegant, Beautiful Elite escorts in London, therefore, I meet each lady personally!
Firstly to check they look like the pictures they send me by email when they apply; secondly, to make sure they have the Charm, Beauty, Sex appeal and lovely attitude we require for them to join our VIP Escort Models London team …

Our lovely and friendly ladies are genuinely part time escorts. They are students, models or have a normal job. We find that they are more fun and enjoy escorting on the side better to ‘spice up’ their life!

We have had lovely clients calling us for over 20 years and we wish to keep it that way! So please, we would appreciate mutual respect and confidentiality…


Elite paid Travel companionIt will be a pleasure, of course, to introduce our Exquisite ladies to you in London but you might prefer one of them to join you on a business trip or for a relaxing Holiday. You are welcome to use our High End International Escort service.
Please, let’s speak about it beforehand !
Spending time with one lady for a whole evening, night or a few days is different than just an hour or two. Although we certainly make sure that our Vip London escorts have a ‘girlfriend attitude’,  I would suggest you take my personal advice in choosing the right person!

VIP Escort Models London

Of course, the ladies who are part of our team are lovely, elegant and with good manners but we will definitely know exactly which one to choose depending on the  event .
Again, as mentioned above, remember I meet each girl personally and it will be a pleasure  to help you choose!
Clients have always been happy to listen to my suggestions ; especially when I arranged 10 days trip for example or formal events when the girls need to be perfect!


High End International Escort service

Feel free to contact me if you need to discuss details on how to book an Elite paid Travel Companion

Looking forward to speaking with you,


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